Audio player with 8-bit MCU and SD-card storage


This project is an audio player that plays uncompressed music from an SD card, it’s battery powered and can be charged over USB. I named this project “Daria box”. A great source of inspiration for this was Dmitry’s Holiday Card. Goals – (very) low cost – powered by rechargeable battery – low power –> it […]

Kindle 3W – 32GB memory expansion


I own a Kindle 3, WiFi only version and I really like this device. I also like to plug my heaphones in and listen to music while reading, and here is the problem, the 4GB internal storage space is not enough for me, I would like to add more flacs. This hack is intented for […]

Z80 Computer

Z80 Computer

This is a project I made a some years ago, a Z80 computer system. The “core” is functional, however, due to the lack of free time, other projects, and the old source code that I don’t seem to find anymore (must search old backups), some features are not yet functional and I don’t know when […]

Sitara AM335X – computer case mod and WOL


I have a computer at home that I mostly use for compiling, cuda processing etc. ( dual quad-core Xeon CPUs, ECC RAM).  I don’t want to keep it always on since it will accumulate dust, make noise etc. I thought .. well.. I’ll just use WOL to wake it up when I’m not at home, […]

Boiler control via e-mail and image processing


One of  my problems was waiting for the water inside the boiler to heat so I can take a bath. After starting the boiler I had to wait 30 minutes in the summer and 1 hour in the winter for the water inside the boiler to reach the desired temperature(45 degrees Celsius). Having to wake […]